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White Calcite Crystal Towers

White Calcite Crystal Towers

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Experience purity and clarity with our White Calcite Crystal Towers. These stunning towers, crafted from natural white calcite, radiate calming energy and elegant beauty, perfect for enhancing any space.

Key Features:
- Set of white calcite crystal towers, ideal for display or meditation
- Each tower is unique, showcasing natural variations in colour and texture
- Polished finish for a sleek and sophisticated look

Healing Properties:
- Purification: Cleanses negative energies and promotes emotional clarity
- Clarity: Enhances mental clarity and focus
- Peace: Brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the mind and spirit
- Healing: Supports physical and emotional healing processes

- Crown Chakra: Aligns with the crown chakra, facilitating spiritual connection and enlightenment

Moon Phases:
- New Moon: Set intentions for purification and clarity
- Full Moon: Cleanse and recharge under the full moon for amplified energies

Star Sign Compatibility:
- Pisces: Enhances Pisces' intuition and fosters spiritual growth
- Libra: Promotes balance and harmony for Libra's diplomatic nature

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