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Fingerprint Calcite Towers

Fingerprint Calcite Towers

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Elevate your spiritual journey with our unique Finger Print Calcite Towers. Crafted from natural calcite, each tower showcases intricate patterns resembling fingerprints, offering a one-of-a-kind addition to your crystal collection.

Key Features:
- Handpicked finger print calcite towers, showcasing distinctive patterns
- Natural variations ensure each tower is unique in colour and texture
- Polished finish enhances the beauty and allure of these captivating crystals

Healing Properties:
- Clarity: Enhances mental clarity and sharpens focus
- Purification: Clears negative energies and promotes emotional healing
- Growth: Facilitates personal growth and transformation
- Balance: Restores harmony and balance to the mind, body, and spirit

- Crown Chakra: Aligns with the crown chakra, facilitating spiritual connection and enlightenment

Moon Phases:
- New Moon: Set intentions for purification and spiritual growth
- Full Moon: Cleanse and recharge under the full moon for amplified energies

Star Sign Compatibility:
- Pisces: Enhances Pisces' intuitive abilities and fosters spiritual growth
- Libra: Promotes balance and harmony for Libra's diplomatic nature
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