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Rollright Stone Circle - The Cotswolds

The Rollright stone circle was erected around 2,500BC. These stones consist of three Neolithic and Bronze age monuments near Long Compton, in the Cotswold. Constructed from local limestone, the monuments are called the King's Men, Whispering Knights and King Stone.

The main ring measures about 31m across. The number of stones has changed over the years. Local stories mention stones having been taken away to create a local bridge and this is why there are gaps in the circle now.
Apparently, story has it, that if you are able to walk around the circle 3 times and count the same amount of stones on each round you will be granted a wish. The energy of the site is invigorating to say the least. It is a perfect place to sit and meditate with crystals.
The Rollrights is a Dark Sky Discovery Site. Can't wait to test this out on a clear starry night.
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