Embracing the New Year with Kintsugi. A Crystal-clear Perspective on Self-Love and Growth

Embracing the New Year with Kintsugi. A Crystal-clear Perspective on Self-Love and Growth

As we welcome in a new year, the age-old tradition of resolutions often nudges us towards a desire for transformation – a quest to fix perceived flaws and become an idealised version of ourselves with New Year’s resolutions. What if, instead, we embraced a philosophy that views our imperfections as part of our unique story? Welcome to the art and concept of Kintsugi, a Japanese practice that offers a profound perspective on healing, growth, and self-love.

Kintsugi, or "golden joinery", is an ancient Japanese art form that involves repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Far from concealing the fractures, Kintsugi highlights and celebrates the cracks, turning them into intricate veins of precious metal. The philosophy behind Kintsugi centres on the idea that breakage and repair are integral parts of an object's history, making it more valuable and beautiful than before.


Applying Kintsugi:

As we step into the new year, the concept of Kintsugi offers a refreshing alternative to the often self-critical resolutions. Instead of fixating on transformation, let's celebrate the journey of self-discovery and growth. Recognise that the experiences that may have left you feeling "broken" are, in fact, the golden threads that weave the fabric of your unique identity.

Repairing a crystal tower with Kintsugi with book called a year of living simply

Choosing Kintsugi over Transformation:


1. Embrace Imperfections - Rather than trying to fix perceived flaws, acknowledge and embrace them as part of your narrative. Each scar, each imperfection, adds depth to the canvas of your life.


2. Learn from Breaks - Just as Kintsugi sees breaks as opportunities for enhancement, view life's challenges as moments for growth. Reflect on what you've learned and how you've evolved through your experiences.


3. Apply Self-Love as Gold - Infuse your journey with self-love, using it as the "gold" in your personal Kintsugi. Appreciate your uniqueness, understanding that your worth isn't diminished by challenges but enhanced by overcoming them.


Kintsugi for Crystals - In a literal application of this philosophy, I've extended the art of Kintsugi to my crystal collection. Rather than discarding crystals with fractures, I've mended them with gold accents. The result? Exquisite crystals that bear witness to their own journey, now even more beautiful than before.

Kintsugi repair of damaged crystal tower

As we welcome 2024, consider embracing the principles of Kintsugi. Let your journey unfold with grace, recognizing the beauty in imperfections and celebrating the strength that comes from healing. May your new year be adorned with the golden threads of self-love, growth, and the profound beauty that lies in embracing your unique story.

Here's to a year of radiant self-discovery and the artful mosaic of Kintsugi.

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