Crystals in Crete

Crystals in Crete

Its summer at last! Time to switch off from work, put my feet up and relax in sunshine. I'm on the beautiful island of Crete with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other listening to the rhythmic sounds of the Cretan sea lapping on the shore. This has to be the most perfect moment. How can it possibly be improved upon? Crystals that's how. 🤣

Look at these stunning ocean vibe hues to really help put your work anxieties to bed so you can enjoy your holiday how you deserve.

Caribbean Calcite: an ideal stone to use in meditation, it helps us access our inner vision and connect to our higher selves, to gain a sense of purpose, a true sense of self, and begin a journey of ultimate self-discovery.

Blue Lace Agate: This stone carries with it a subtle energy that can help you achieve balance and stability. It will bring more love and happiness into your life and get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

Turquoise: is also a calming stone that can induce internal serenity and lift depleted spirits. Not only will turquoise help to flush negative emotions from the mind, it is also said to support detoxification of the body.

Sea Glass: is well regarded as a symbol of renewal and healing, a metaphor for life!



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