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Beach Charging On Druidstone

'One of those is a small village called DRUSON Druid’s Town.

It was the general resort of the Irish druids who paid an annual visit to the Island of Great Britain, for the purpose of celebrating some solemn rites'. Letters from the past From A “tour to Milford Haven” 1791 by Mrs. Mary Morgan.

Another trip to beautiful Pembrokeshire, this time a chance to visit Druidston Haven to charge these beautiful Kiwi Jasper Hearts.
With the sun beating down, we enjoyed walking along the coastal path within the wild Pembrokeshire National Park. It's stunning views across the pancake flat sandy beach and across the Atlantic Ocean make this one of my favorite parts of the county and a great place to recharge both mind and body, as well as crystals.
Kiwi Jasper: is a nurturing crystal that that can help in times of stress to elevate our mood and lift our spirits. Kiwi Jasper can help is in cleansing, and balancing the Chakras.
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Crystals on Druidstone Beach
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